Do or make? Tem dúvidas sobre qual dos dois deve ser usado??

Quando usamos do ou make com substantivos, do foca no processo de fazer algo, enquanto make foca no produto ou no resultado de uma ação.

When we use do and make with noun phrases, do focuses on the process of acting or performing something, make emphasises more the product or outcome of an action.

When I was [action] doing the calculations, I [outcome] made two mistakes.
I [action] did some work for her last summer; I [outcome] made a pond in her garden.


Substantivos usados com DO

activity, business, cleaning, cooking, course, damage, drawing, duty, exam(ination), exercise, favour, gardening, harm, homework, ironing, job, laundry, one’s best, painting, shopping, task, test, washing(up), work.


  • do the shopping on Fridays usually.

  • Could you do a job for me next week?

  • Who does the cooking in your house?


Substantivos usados com MAKE:

apology, assumption, bed, complaint, breakfast, cake, change, excuse, friends, plan, law, list, loss, love, offer, lunch, soup, mistake, money, noise, remark, phonecall, profit, progress, promise, sound, speech, statement, tea.


  • They made me an interesting offer of a job in Warsaw.

  • Not many building firms will make a profit this year.

  • I have to make a phone call.